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18 May 2023
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Wholesale Industrial-additives Trisodium Phosphate TSP
Chemical formula: Na3PO4.12H2O
Molecular weight: 380.14
CAS Number: 10101-89-0
EINECS Number: 231-509-8
HS Code: 28352910

White or colorless granular crystal, easily weathered, easily soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents, the aqueous solution is alkaline reaction, the pH value of 1% aqueous solution is 12.1, the relative density is 1.62, and the melting point is 73.4掳C.

Industrial applications
Trisodium phosphate can be used as water softener and detergent, boiler scale inhibitor, color fixing agent in printing and dyeing, fabric mercerizing enhancer, metal corrosion inhibitor or rust inhibitor. The enamel industry is used as flux and decolorizer. Used as a hide degreaser and degumming agent in the tanning industry

Product Description
SpecificationsTech GradeHigh Purity Grade
Appearance聽White or Colorless Crystal Power聽
Main contents%鈮?/p> 98.098.0
Arsenic,as As%鈮?/p> 0.0050.0005
Fluoride, as F%鈮?/p> 0.050.005
Heavy metal, as Pb%鈮?/p> -0.001
Sulphates,as SO4%鈮?/p> 0.5-
Chloride,as Cl%鈮?/p> 0.4-
PH value of 1% solution–0.40.2
Water insoluble%鈮?/p> 0.10.1
Loss on drying%鈮?/p> -45-57

Food use
Trisodium phosphate is commonly used as a quality improver, which can improve the complex metal ions, pH value, and ionic strength of food, thereby improving the cohesion and water holding capacity of food. China stipulates that it can be used in cheese, the maximum usage is 5g/kg; the maximum usage in Western-style ham, meat, fish, shrimp and crab is 3.0g/kg; the maximum usage in canned food, juice, beverages and dairy products is 0.5g /kg.
Used as analytical reagent and water softener, and also used for sugar purification.Packaging and Storage
25Kg, 50Kg, 1000kg inner plastic outer woven bag. Store in a ventilated, dry, clean place and prevent moisture.Wholesale Industrial-additives