TEL-B ROKEM Tetraethyl Lead Ethyl Liquid

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18 May 2023
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TEL-B ROKEM Tetraethyl Lead Ethyl Liquid
Company Profile
We, ROKEM, build from 2000 in Shanghai, China. We export the special chemicals to many countries.聽
CEO’s Message
Tetraethyl lead is one product in the list Rotterdam Convention. We are glad to make corporation with the clients for this product legally.
Working Environment
Our company is located in Shanghai, China.聽 The office is in Lujjiazui Finance and Trade Zone.聽
Competitive Advantage
Our product: Tetraethyl lead is only used for aviation gas.聽 It is one good Anti-Knock compound for aviation gas. We are the sole exporter for this product in China.聽 We sell this product to main refineries of aviation gas.聽
The specification is as follows:
Tetraethyl Lead: 61% min.
1,2-Dibromoethane: 36% min.聽TEL-B ROKEM Tetraethyl Lead Ethyl Liquid