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18 May 2023
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Injection Molding Robot manufacturers Performance characteristics
鈥?Three-axis AC full servo motor is precisely controlled, with a positional accuracy of 0.01mm;
鈥?The speed control accuracy is up to 500mm/s, and the repeatability control of 0.1mm can be realized;
鈥?The overall operating capacity can be increased by 25% compared with the cylinder engine;
鈥?Take out the mechanism, the runout is controlled within 0.05mm;
鈥?High-speed all-motor, maximum firing rate 500mm/s.
鈥?Three-axis AC servo motor drive, high positioning accuracy, smooth speed, multi-point parking and arrangement function
鈥?Quick take out
鈥?The pulling arm and the extracting arm are made of solid steel, with precise linear slides, with good rigidity and stable operation

Applications: Automatic case stacking, horizontal inner labeling, inserting and removing parts

Chinese/English multi-language switch
Automatic fault detection and alarm recording function
Record mold data, can record 100 sets of mold memory
Reserved contact signal, can be connected to conveyor belt, receiving table
Non-peripheral devices such as vibrating disks

Suitable for injection molding machine:
LD.i : 360t 鈥?4000t
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