Fence Semi Trailer China

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18 May 2023
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Fence Semi Trailer China Application聽
The fence truck trailer is used to pull and deliver simple goods, such as vegetables, fruits, clothes, electrical appliances,livestock, etc;
Computer optimized design, reasonable structure, balanced axle load and stable performance;
It can be matched with different tractors head and has strong applicability;
It is suitable for long-distance transportation of various goods, with wide use, high efficiency and speed;
Vehicle Master’s heavy duty highwall semi trailer is also called cargo fence semi trailer. This type of trailer has been one of the most popular types of semi trailer thanks to its versatility of functions, lightweight, and efficient loading and unloading. As you can see from the product pictures and video, Vehicle Master Produces the highest quality heavy duty highwall semi trailers because as one of the largest semi trailer manufacturers in China, we have our own factories for all types of semi trailers. Therefore, we can guarantee consistent high production standard.
Vehicle is a manufacturer specializing in the production of 40ft 3 axle cargo fence semi trailers. Our years of industry experience, product quality and business reputation have been widely recognized by the market. Vehicle Master鈥檚 various types of semi trailers can be customized according to different requirements. We especially tailor towards heavy-duty trailers customers and we are a typical representative of high cost-effective manufacturer in China.

Packing & Shipping
Two used fence truck trailers were shipped to Myanmar.
Three new fence truck trailers were transported to C么te d’Ivoire. This customer has purchased from us since 2015.
The customer from Vietnam purchases three fence truck trailers from our factory every month.
The Ghanaian customer ordered some fence truck trailers.
聽Fence Semi Trailer China