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18 May 2023
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BevelGearFactory High performance plastic bevel gear with excellent quietness due to coniflex teeth form, and can be used without lubrication.
The positive characteristics of plastic bevel gears include being lightweight, non-rusting, quiet, injection molding enabling low cost and large production, and able to operate without lubrication by mating with metal gears.
For the plastic bevel gears, we can produce plastic straight bevel gears and plastic spiral bevel gears.
The differences are in helix angles, straight bevel gears do not have helix angles, and spiral bevel gears do have helix angles.
Our plastic bevel gears accept OEM, ODM, OBM, high quality with good price, pay attention on detail-no burr, online service and after-sale service.
Our Package for the plastic bevel gear is small quantity, carefully package with cartoon box; big quantity, carefully package with cartoon, then put into wooden box.
We are source factory of gears, can produce kinds of gears: bevel gears, spur gears, worm gears, helical gears, ring gears etc.
And the gears material can be made in plastic, nylon, carbon steel, stainless steel, POM, aluminum, brass, cast iron, bronze etc.
We accept customized by drawings, please contact us if you have any needs on the gears.